USB Flash Drive Extention Cable

USB Flash Drive Extention Cable
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  • Item #: USBCABLE
  • Manufacturer: MagAero Systems

USB Flash Drive Extention Cable

With the expanded use of Flash Drives, Jump Drives, memory Sticks, or whatever you want to call them, a couple of problems arose. If your computer only has USB ports (sockets) on the back, it's difficult to get to the USB port to plug the flash drive in. If you have a USB port on the front of the computer and you leave the flash drive plugged in al lthe time, it's just a matter of time before it gets hit or bumped, either damaging the socket, ot the flash drive itself.


The simple solution is to use a short USB extention cable plugged in to the back of the computer, and the flash drive plugged in to the other end of the extention cable. With the flash drive plugged in to the cable it's free to move around and if bumped, it moves a bit, rather than breaking something. Depending on your layout, you can lay the fflash drive either on top of, or along side the computer in a protected spot.


When I started looking into availability of these extention cables, I found that a lot of the stores that sold them were pretty pround of them, and had priced them accordingly! I ordered in a big box of the extention cables, and have priced them at $5.95 includes shipping and handling, No hidden charges. When you figure the postage is around two bucks, that's a pretty hard price to beat for a good quality USB extention cable.


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