Pre-Perforated Shelf Tag Card Stock

  • Item #: ShelfTagPaper
  • Manufacturer: MagAero Systems

Pre-Perforated Shelf Tag Card Stock

With the privatization of the Washington State's liquor stores, a number of new challenges arose. In the past, the Liquor Control Board provided the shelf tags to put in the track on the front of the shelves to show the description, price, and so forth. With the State soon to be out of the liquor business, the source of properly printed shelf tags will soon disappear. To make it even more difficult, the heigth of the current shelf tags is not a standard size, so nothing off the shelf will properly fit the shelf tag holder.

To solve this problem, I located a perforated paper manufacturer, and had them run off a custom production run of pre-perforated shelf tag card stock. The Magnum Sales system, Version 2.0, will print the tags for you, and the perforations will allow you to tear them apart into individual tags to be put on to the front of the shelves.

We are packaging the shelf tag perforated card stock in packages of 20 sheets, which at 21 tags per sheet, which gives you 420 shelf tags per package. That works out to less that 1 1/2 cents per tag.

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