PRO EARS Pro Slim Gold Hearing Protectors

PRO EARS Pro Slim Gold Hearing Protectors
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  • Manufacturer: Pro Ears
The Gold Series Advantage is the balance achieved between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound.  No compromises.  No excuses.
  • Medium profile cup is perfect for most firearms
  • Excellent choice for the avid pistol shooter or IDPA or IPSC competitor
  • For use on outdoor handgun ranges, comfortable all day wear
  • For moderate to high noise environment; better noise reduction than most foam ear plugs
  • The lighter weight makes this more appropriate for women in a high noise environment
  • Apple iPod, CD, motor sports scanner or radio compatible using a 3.5 mm mini jack. Enjoy high fidelity sound while protecting your hearing

Natural replication of amplified sound.  
Real audiophiles understand that for purity of sound an analog sound system is superior to a digital sound system, however, digital systems can correct imperfections or enhance and modify sound better than analog systems.  Most active hearing protectors or stereo headphones employ one technology or the other.  Our engineers at Pro-Ears were not willing to compromise the quality of our sound for the sake of simplicity or cost.  The result is the hybrid digital/analog system found exclusively in the Gold Series active hearing protectors.

To further enhance the natural sound quality we use gold connectors and high quality amplifiers and microphones to reduce impedance.  Our proprietary software reduces interference caused by wind while enhancing the sounds you want to hear.  Advancements to our exclusive DLSC™ technology for compression turn an impulse sound wave from a gunshot into a soft, audible pop.  Finely engineered circuitry with proprietary programming has reduced attack time to 1.5 milliseconds.  We provide adjustable gain control so you can adjust the industry leading sound amplification to match your situational needs.

Two are better than one.  Most electronic hearing protectors are controlled by a single circuit board. One circuit board may cost less and be lighter weight than two boards, but when it comes to sound quality, it is a compromise Pro-Ears is not willing to make.  A circuit board in each cup means no wires to get hung up as you are getting into your tree stand.  In a rough situation where your ear muffs get banged around or dropped, one damaged circuit board will not knock out your whole system.  The ability to adjust each cup to match your personal hearing profile is part of the competitive advantage.

So comfortable you won't mind wearing these earmuffs all day.  There is an unavoidable trade off in designing earmuffs between compression of the headband and noise attenuation.  Sound pressure waves penetrate hearing protectors through the cup, ear cushion and any gap separating the cushion and the surface of your head.  One way to reduce gaps is to tightly squeeze the cups to your head.  The problem with this approach is that the tighter the squeeze, the greater the headache.  This is particularly true if the ear cushion does not balance the resistance and compensate for the headband compression, which causes the hard cup material to press against your head. Most people only wear uncomfortable earmuffs for short periods of time, and as a result their hearing is at greater risk.  Our designers have found a method to reduce the gaps and increase the effectiveness of the ear cushions.  Our use of visco-elastic foams and exclusive Pro Form™ leather in our ear cushion provides an optimum balance of noise attenuation and resistance to headband compression.   Before you buy your earmuffs you should squeeze the ear cushions.  If they compress easily or if they are made of vinyl (think sweat) you should think about how long-term wear will feel.  We believe our ear cushions not only perform great but feel good too.  Once you try our ear muffs we think you will agree. 

Technical support and the Gold warranty
Every Gold Series hearing protector comes with a limited five year warranty - perfect to give you peace-of-mind that you have purchased the finest American-made electronic hearing protection available. Your Gold Series earmuffs are protected against defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the original purchase date by a limited warranty.

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