OKO Protective Steel Cover - Flat Surface or QD1 Mount

OKO Protective Steel Cover - Flat Surface or QD1 Mount
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  • Item #: OKO008SC2
  • Manufacturer: OKO

The OKO Protective Steel Cover protects the OKO Red Dot Reflex sight from damage in extreme conditions such as drops or strikes against a solid obstacle, and other harsh field environments. The protectice steel cover eith bolts to an OKO QD1 quick detach mount, or attaches directly to a flat surface with  small screws or bolts for simple and reliable protection of your optics. The OKO sight bolts directly into the steel cover. The OKO sigh must be of the type that has two mounting screws on each side of the sight. The specialty mount OKO sights with only three screws do not fit into this protective cover.The steel cover and the sight Although the OKO sights are made of a space age polymer, the Steel Cover enhances the durability of the sights in extreme field conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The above pictures show both the OKO008SC2 protective cover AND the QD1 mount AND a an after-market clamp on Weaver Rail. They are sold separately. 

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