Magnum Mount OKO Specialty Sight Mount

Magnum Mount OKO Specialty Sight Mount
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  • Item #: MagnumMount002
  • Manufacturer: Magnum Shooters Supply

This mount allows you to mount the OKO Specialty Mount (3 Screw) Red Dot sight to any flat surface, or to a C-More sight mount using two 10-32 screws. With this mount you can directly replace the C-More sight with an OKO sight, while keeping the mount on the gun to which the C-More had been attached.

You can also use this mount to mount an OKO Specialty Mount sight to almost any flat surface where there is enough thickness to drill and tap two 10-32 holes just over two inches apart.

If you have a clamp-on type OKO sight (4 screw) that uses either the dovetail clamp jaws, or Weaver clamp jaws, this is not the mount you need. Instead, look at MagnumMount003, which is made for the 4 screw OKO sights.

 This mount is precision CNC machined from 6061-T6511 heat treated aluminum. It is light weight, strong, and it allows mounting the OKO sight to a wide variety of guns. It even comes with two different length mounting screws and an Allen wrench.

We do not recommend mounting ANY red dot sight directly to the slide of a semi-automatic pistol, regardless of manufacturer. The constant impacts from each shot fired eventually will loosen things up, even on the best sights, so we recommend not risking it.





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